Mornington Penisula

May and Thomas, two sweet people with the most adventurous souls. They traveled all the way from Singapore to elope in this epic background- on the edge of Mornington's cliff.

Weather in Melbourne is always unpredictable and this was a day of sunshine and showers. We spent the afternoon in a beautiful little forest with a lots of pine trees, then we headed to the cliff to wait for the sunset. However, the sky started getting a little dark and gloomy, then the heavy rains were pouring. May and Thomas decided to walk in the rains and enjoy the wind. We hiked about 1 hour on the cliff and we went down to the rocky beach, they said their 'I do's"... it was my favourite moment of the day.

It was so meaningful to me that I can be there and capture those emotional moments. We spent a very good time with them and we can't wait to visit them in Singapore.