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Kahlia + Michael//



Rolling grass hill, black rocky beaches and epic clifftop - What a wonderful combination for an elopement. Mornington Peninsula is definitely one of the most magnificent place near Melbourne. When we met Michael and Kahlia for the first time, we connected to each other so quickly and I knew they both are very emotional souls right away. Michael found Kahlia was really special from the first day they met, and from that day, they never went apart… There was a turning point in their lives. Kahlia had a car accident and her neck and back was injured…They found they are inseparable. They didn’t want to wait anymore, they decided to get married. We spent a super-chill morning together in a rustic cottage, and the cinematic light through the window really touched us. Then we spent the afternoon exploring the woods and cliff together and we watched an epic sunset at the clifftop. Hanging out with Michael and Kahlia in Mornington is an experience we will always remember. It was so moving to see two people so in love and I can’t wait to document their big wedding in Feb.

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