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Countryside Wedding in Culcairn

This was one of the most emotional weddings I've witnessed...

By the time of 2017, Tom and Shae had been dating for four years, and he popped the question, when Shae was seven weeks pregnant. At that time they were completely oblivious to the fact that 2018 was about to become the hardest year of their lives... In may 2018, Shae gave birth to their stillborn son, they experienced the joy of meeting the little guy for the first time and the pain of holding him for the last time. It was the darkest time of their lives but it made the whole family holding each other closer than ever.

In July, Shae turned to Tom and said “ let's get married, now, this year, let's just do it!" Not long after that, they invited me to document their wedding and told me all their stories... They decided to go back to where they are from to get married.

I travelled 4 hours to Culcairn, and it was a very rustic small town with a lots of sunshine. Roundhill Homestead is a family-running farm with beautiful land and woolshed. The owner and their kids are so welcoming. Their kids even drove me for a little tour around the farm.

Then I met Shae and Tom's family, they are the warmest people in the world as expected. I felt like I've known them forever. I still have the fresh memory when all their family and friends were standing around me with their smile and hugged me one by one, those moments are priceless. It was so meaningful to me and I felt so fortunate that I can tell more emotion-filled stories with my camera.

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