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Steph+ Army//

Fish Creek, VIC

We met those two seriously cool people - Steph and Army at their brother’s countryside wedding in Culcairn. It was just a short talk on the night but I knew we’ll meet them again. And when we returned our Airbnb cottage at night we found they just stayed next to us (with their babies - four puppies !!!)  They told me they had been together for 9 years and have been waiting Australia law to change to allow them to marry. They’ve went through a lot and it really touched me.


We really got along and they invited us to their lovely little town - Fish Creek to document their engagement.


Here comes to April, we travelled 3 hours to this arty little rustic town and met Steph and Army again. We spent couple of hours together in their house and a little rail trail to talk and photograph. 


It was a pleasure getting to know them and can’t wait to see their wedding.








'I adore her, there isn’t a kinder, more beautiful soul alive. She is everything to me. She still surprises me every day with something new about her. '        —   Steph & Army

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