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Hello beautiful souls, thanks for stopping by. 


We're Melody and Thunder, Melbourne based and destination photographer and filmmaker.


For as long as I can remember I’ve held a small film camera and captured life around me, that camera was a gift from my dad and it became the start of everything.


I studied screen media at university, this four-year studies made me have further understanding and cognition about photography and cinematography. 


Photography also led me to a great man who also loves what I loved, he is talented, adventurous and selfless, he became my husband two years ago, we’ve captured more than 100 stories together since we met.


We're fascinated with film and art and all the beautiful things, that’s why capturing love stories brought us a lot of inspirations. Natural emotions and real moments are the precious things to us, I want the photos you get back to bring you back to the happiest time. We shoot weddings and we also love taking couples on adventures to locations close to nature, keep the atmosphere intimate.


We're excited to hopefully be your storyteller, it’s an amazing feeling to collect beautiful memories with the camera in our perspective. 


If you do feel the connection to our work or you want to enquire about our availability please E-mail us through the contact page.


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